This disclaimer is not intended to scare you. It is there to protect GAP Innovation and affiliated Tuners against misuse.

Neither the tune provider nor the GAP Flasher manufacturer (GAP Innovation, Inc.) accept any responsibility or liability for damages incurred through use of the GAP Flasher, Tunes or Add-Ons. And you take 100% responsibility of those consequences. This includes all damages to the vehicle itself, vehicle systems or property. This also includes injuries, death or any other kind of damages to the user, other persons, animals or other lifeforms.

GAP Innovation, Inc and affiliated Tuners will not accept any responsibility nor liability regarding legality or illegality of supplied products.

User should inform himself

  • Of applicable regulations or laws before making any changes susceptible of being part of a law or regulation. Please consult your locals or planned destination law enforcement agencies.
  • Of racing regulations
  • Of requirements made necessary by the purchased tune or flash bundle. This includes hardware items like exhaust systems.